Are you ready to radiate your soul’s purpose?




Embody your Soul Style.

You know you're here on a soul mission. 

You know you're here for a reason. 

You know you're here to make a profound impact.


You find yourself stuck, unsure, and feeling anything but radiant or magnetic. 

There's a disconnect between how you feel in your body and how you express your true essence.

It's time for you to be SEEN and HEARD for your work in the world.

A CLEAR IDENTITY in alignment with your impactful message will support the world to understand who you are.

When you lead with confidence & authenticity to express your business and brand's mission, your identity becomes clearly understood. It's time to be comfortable from the INSIDE OUT & claim your soul's purpose.

The answer: Your clearly defined STYLE ARCHETYPE

It helps you communicate:

  • who you are
  • what you stand for
  • where you are leaping to

Your future self is calling.

When you claim your STYLE ARCHETYPE, you support yourself in a way that allows you to embody your true essence with confidence, ease, grit & grace.

Consistency is key to your personal brand style image. Taking the confusion out of your self-image and knowing how to project your authentic image gives you a clear, consistent, aligned message to your audience.

It's not just about what you wear. It's about your whole essence. How you show up. Your energy. Your vibe.

Meet Your Style Guide

Hey there, I'm Carrie Montgomery! I'm a Personal Brand Stylist and Soul Brand Coach. I'm the creator of The Somatic Styling Method™ which helps women take quantum leaps into true embodiment and empowered confidence. I teach women to own their true beauty, build confidence, and create a dream soul-aligned image for their business and life.

Having worked with New Line Cinema and stars such as Cate Blanchett and Aaron Eckhart, my expertise in film, design, marketing, and wellness, along with my love of fashion, allows me to create a holistic experience for personal branding. I help my clients build the foundation in their personal brands to create an unstoppable mindset, aligned image, and impactful message. This newfound confidence carries over to my clients’ brands, elevating their visibility, and taking many of them from 6 figures to 7 figures in as little as one year.

My work has been featured in OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Super Soul Sunday, Coastal Living, Old Port Magazine, and Hay House.

Get Soul Styled 

I have been soul styling and branding clients across the globe for the past 6 years. My work has been seen in:

When you embody your Style Archetype:  

You inspire & connect with your audience.

You love the skin you’re in.

You communicate a clearer message.

You feel radiant, effortless, aligned and authentic.

Let's take the stress out of your Style.


You've booked you're dream speaking gig. Instead of spending the morning in your closet freaking out, you're calmly preparing to deliver your most authentic message feeling grounded, aligned, centered, and confident about who you are and what you do.

You can focus on presenting your best work from a place of confidence because you're not still trying to answer the dreaded question of…

What the heck do I wear?

It's so accessible because you know your Style Archetype, and your visual identity radiates from your essence.

The clothing that you're wearing supports all of you and the energy you need for this very moment in a way that allows the true you to shine through.

Can you feel yourself there?

It's pretty dreamy, and I see it happening with my clients every day.

They are in their bodies and rocking their Soul Style, and it's magnetic to anyone watching. People see them and their soul's purpose in action, and they can't help but want to know more.

Get Soul Styled

So, are you ready to radiate your soul’s purpose?

When you don't have your own clear identity to fall back on, one that is consciously cultivated with support, you're left comparing yourself to others, which leaves you feeling less than, lost, and spinning your wheels at the back of the crowd. You find yourself doubting every gift you have to bring forward.

There's a better way. Claim your STYLE ARCHETYPE.

It's hard to even think about your soul's purpose if your clothes don't fit, you're tugging at them all the time, or you're feeling guilty about the money you spent on an outfit you don't even like. You're wasting energy doubting how you look when honestly, it barely matters.

What matters is HOW YOU FEEL.

Want to be on brand and in your soul style?


No idea what to wear. It all comes down to a clear identity. By defining your identity with our Style Archetype technique you communicate a clear message. We build an image of who you are and guide you into who you want to become. It's all about letting your inside shine out! Let's bring your true essence to life.


We all want to look good and feel good. Your shape is unique to you and we all need some guidance on how to bring out our best self. It's not a one size fits all thing. Knowing how to master the right fit and shape for you can make you win every day. Learn to look in the mirror and love what you see.


There is nothing like the reward of saving time and money. Guidance on purchasing the correct outfits for your brand image and body relieves the stress of wasting your hard-earned cash. Imagine knowing where to spend, stretch, or save in your budget. No more shopping shame.

The help you need for your body, business & soul is here.

We all want to look good and feel good. Your shape is unique to you, and we all need some guidance on how to bring out our best selves. It's not a one size fits all thing. Knowing how to master the right fit and shape for you can make you win every day.  Learn to look in the mirror and love what you see.

Knowing your Style Archetype will help you drop the judgment and self-ridicule and provide you with an energetic pendulum to support you in your daily decision-making processes related to your personal style and business brand… because they are connected, not separate.

Your Unique Style Archetype Could Be:

Modern Healer

Romantic Visionary

Chic Goddess

Elegant Royal

Boho Warrior

Your Soul Style Transformation

What comes with your soul style journey


Deep dive into your style needs and desires


45 minute 1-1 call


Define your style identity


Pinterest Board with personalized selections

I know this probably goes against what you’ve been told or how you’ve operated in the past, but I have a multi-sensory, revolutionary process where in just a short time we can identify your Soul Style Archetype and give you a Pinterest board with the clothing to match.

1st you play on Pinterest and create an Inspiration Board and share it with me so I can begin to get a sense of your essence. 

Then you complete the Style Briefing Intake Questionnaire to give me even more flavor. 

Once those have been completed, we hop on Zoom for your 45-minute Soul Style Consult. During this session, your Style Archetype will be defined and you’ll have a renewed sense of empowerment leaving you feeling confident and ready to share your most authentic self.

While you’re basking in your afterglow, I’ll be working on your Curated Style Archetype Image Board as well as your Shopping Board & Video with outfit ideas.

Oftentimes, after my clients have spent some time playing with their Soul Style Archetype, they begin to deepen into their soul’s purpose even more. They want to fully embody who they meet as their Soul Style Archetype. 

This next-level is what allows you to embody yourself more fully and infuse it all into your brand messaging, look and feel. None of this happens overnight, but from an energetic perspective the more aligned with your true identity and authentic essence, the more sustainably it happens. We can discuss future work as we go. 

Please know that I’m here for you… and your journey on the path to remembering the essence of you.

What past clients say!

Hiring Carrie is a no-brainer. Since working with Carrie in her group program and as a private client, my wardrobe and style have transformed. I feel so confident getting ready to do a live video or get ready for an in-person event! If you are struggling to find your own personal brand style and ready to have it totally taken care of for you!

Kathleen Cutler

I totally trust Carrie's insight from head to toe. Getting insight into my unique style archetype took the experience to another insightful level. She not only asked all the right questions to help me show up looking my best but also connected the dots in my answers to help me show up feeling my best in the clothes she picked. 

Lynya Floyd

Carrie is a total pro who over delivered beyond my wildest expectations. She is an absolute joy to work with and her well-trained eye helped me feel beautiful and comfortable.   

Kate Northrup 

Carrie's ability to see into the hearts of her clients and translate it into physical design and personal style is pure magic. Carrie is an artist with the ability to bring my vision to life, while simultaneously making me feel empowered in the process.   

Amber Lilyestrom